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EDAIC Diploma exam is now in Cairo

Registration is opened from March 20 - April 30; 2013

Exam date: Saturday September 28; 2013

The European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) has signed an agreement with the High Committee of Medical Specialties (the Egyptian Fellowship), the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population to open an Exam center in Cairo for ESA Part 1 Exam.

Exam Date: The first exam will be held in Cairo center on Saturday September; 28 2013.

Exam eligibility: Egyptian candidates eligible to sit for part 1 of the EDAIC are medical graduates enrolled in an Anesthesia Training program. Candidates eligible to sit for part 2 are holders of part 1 from the specialists with a fellowship of Anaesthesia degree or an equivalent.

Application for Cairo exam:

1.      Application for the 2013 part 1 exam in Cairo is open from March 20 - April 30; 2013.

2.      Egyptian applicants desiring to sit for the Exam in Cairo can apply and register at the Egyptian Fellowship Headquarters. They are requested to download and fill the registration form, handle all the required documents and pay the discounted registration fees of 150 Euros + the equivalent of 40 Euros in Egyptian pounds at the Egyptian Fellowship Headquarters.

3.      Non Egyptian applicants desiring to sit for the Exam in Cairo are requested to register through the EDAIC website for Part I examination according to the normal procedures.


Address: The Egyptian Fellowship Headquarters - 989 Nile Cornish street - Old Cairo – Cairo - Egypt.

العنوانالزمالة المصرية - 989 كورنيش النيل – مصر القديمة – القاهرة – جمهورية مصر العربية


About the European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care examination (EDAIC):

The EDAIC is a multilingual, end-of-training, two-part examination covering the relevant basic sciences and clinical subjects appropriate for a specialist anaesthesiologist.

The existence of a supra-national examination in anaesthesiology provides an incentive for the development of departmental, university, national and European training programmes. The aim of the examination is to achieve a uniformly high standard of knowledge by anaesthesiologists throughout Europe and the world as judged by an independent Board of Examiners.

The EDAIC consists of two mandatory components (Part I & Part II) with the third component, the In-Training Assessment (ITA), being optional.

1.       In-Training Assessment (ITA) – (optional)

2.       Part I examination – written (mandatory)

3.       Part II examination – oral (mandatory)

Diploma recipients are invited to attend the Euroanaesthesia Awards Ceremony where the diplomas are presented and are also entitled to a reduced registration fee to attend the Euroanaesthesia meeting if they wish.

For full details concerning EDAIC examination please visit the ESA website on the following address


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